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Getting Ready for Prime Time 🍿📚

Friends, I was looking back over past issues of Ready for Rain and saw that I first mentioned Big Eno
Getting Ready for Prime Time 🍿📚
By Lee LeFever • Issue #71 • View online
Friends, I was looking back over past issues of Ready for Rain and saw that I first mentioned Big Enough on January 21st. At the time, the book was scheduled to come out in May and we all felt safe hugging one another. Little did we know.
The book’s release was pushed to September 15th, which is less than a month away. As you can imagine, there is a lot on my plate right now and in this issue, I’ll share what I’m doing to help make Big Enough successful.

Story: Getting Ready for Prime Time
Today is a beautiful Saturday in August and it’s 70 degrees and sunny outside. Our friends are sending us photos of themselves on the beach and having an afternoon cocktail. But for me (and Sachi) it’s a workday. On Monday, the pre-order campaign will begin and I’m doing everything I can to motivate people to buy Big Enough before it comes out. The video below: “How to Help an Author” explains why this campaign is important.
One of the aspects of this project that I love the most is that it’s mostly DIY. We have help with publishing the book, but I built the website and created the videos from scratch. And let me tell you, hiking and setting up cameras and drone footage with two big dogs tied to your waist, who would rather be exploring, is a real challenge (video below).
Creating videos to go along with Big Enough has been a joy. Making media is a passion of mine and the book gave me an opportunity to make three videos to go along with the launch:
This video explains why pre-orders and review matter to authors.
How to Help an Author
How to Help an Author

A live-action video on Orcas Island that asks: what does “living the good life” mean to you?
Big Enough Book Trailer
Big Enough Book Trailer

A brief animation that explains one of the big ideas of the book: designing a business to grow what matters to you.
Big Enough for What Matters
Big Enough for What Matters
The book’s web page on is be the home of the pre-order campaign and we’re shining up the last bits. For example, we’re offering incentives for pre-ordering. If you pre-order the book and send me a screenshot of the receipt, I’ll send you three stickers. If you buy five, I’ll send you Big Enough socks. Making all this clear is a challenge and I’m happy with how it’s turning out.
Authors in my position can make their book more successful by directly contacting people in their network. I have a list of a few hundred people that I will email individually next week with a request: please pre-order the book or share it online. It will take time, but I really enjoy connecting with everyone.
Social Media + Blogging
I have been increasingly active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with book messages, so I post a mix of things in addition to book updates. When I write posts like this one, I usually share the link on Twitter and LinkedIn. I started blogging on in 2003, but I admit, I let it languish for a few years. Now, I’m motivated to make it one of my most useful resources and that means consistent blogging.
Common Craft
I expect the book to raise the visibility of Common Craft and in the past week, we completed some much-needed development work. This weekend I’m reviewing the changes and making final tweaks so that it will be ready for prime time.
I’m recording a few podcasts this week and preparing by reviewing previous episodes of those shows. I’m also working on outreach to podcasts hosts who might be open to having me as a guest.
The first podcast episode about Big Enough was just published yesterday.
In the past, I’ve struggled with self-promotion. With the release of Big Enough, I’m working to overcome my anxiety about it and doing everything I can to help the book be successful. If I’m going to be an author for the long term, I have to be ready to promote myself. Every day, I remind myself that I’m doing the right things and learning. Sachi’s ongoing support is essential.
Needless to say, we have a lot in motion and I’m honestly surprised by how good I feel about it. I’m excited to contact friends and can’t wait to be on podcasts. Once the launch arrives, the bulk of my work will be done and the book will be out in the world.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say this:
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That’s it for now. Thanks for reading. I would love to hear from you. Just hit “reply” and I’ll see your email. Or, use the buttons below to tell me what you think. :)
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